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RPH Project Navigator

The RPH Project Navigator is a series of process roadmaps within a structured environment, which lead to successful execution and management of EPC projects from concept to turn over.  Processes incorporate CII Best Practices and AACEI Recommended Practices.  Process diagrams depict the necessary inputs and resultant outputs. Each process is  placed on a map between Stage Gates of the EPC project lifecycle.

Supporting the process diagrams are checklists, detailed deliverables registers, forms and reports.  A Gate Review process with reports and dashboards provide the compliance verification.

Most EPC projects failures occur long before the construction team mobilizes the site.  There are two areas we focused on:

1) The definition of what constitutes a complete FEP deliverable. This scope definition is transparently shown in the Work Breakdown Structure. The list of FEP deliverables is clearly defined.  Checklists verify the quality of information relied upon is adequate.

2) The coordination of OEM and engineering information necessary to complete the facility design.  We have focused very heavily on detailing engineering processes.  We have developed several detailed OEM agreement documents necessary to insure the right quality of information is provided at the right time.

The RPH Project Navigator is a visual tool that helps owners, OEMs, engineers, constructors and operators to understand the interdependencies of each stakeholder’s responsibilities and  contributions to the success of the project.

You will not find a more comprehensive, clearly defined medium for collaboration anywhere!

Overview of the Project Navigator

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